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Regain peace of mind with the experienced professionals at Advent Tax Law Firm Do you have unfiled IRS or state tax returns and can hardly remember exactly what year you stopped filing? We at Advent Tax Law Firm have helped relieve the worry and uncertainty that you face. Dreading the thought that the IRS | will take your home or your assets is certainly a nightmare that will drain your energy and cause you sleepless nights.

But you have come to the right place. Coming to our site is a first step in reclaiming your peace of mind. Advent Tax Law Firm can lead you to the tax relief that you are seeking. The first step is to review and analyze your IRS tax challenges at a free consultation. Our analysis will show what direction would be the best plan for your tax resolution. Advent Tax Law Firm can prepare and file your unfiled IRS and/or state tax returns. On several occasions, the prepared tax returns showed that there is no debt owed leading to instant tax relief. But if there is tax debt owed, we put our plan into operation.

Advent Tax Law Firm can represent you before the IRS and negotiate on your behalf without you having to be harassed or hassled.